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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Grilled Cheese and Chickweed Sandwhich

Wanting a little taste of Spring in my sandwich, I added a little chickweed.  It is winter here but I have some garden beds that I have covered with glass so that I can grow lettuce, spinach and cilantro throughout the winter.  Along with them grows nettles and chickweed. Now my relatively healthy sandwich just got healthier.

Sun Flowers... Sun-chokes

Can you remember seeing the wild sunflowers growing in the alleyway or roadside?  Now is the time to dig down and see what treasures they have left for you.  They are usually better after a nice hard freeze hits the land and I am always excited to remember that there is something delicious waiting for me in the dead of winter.  These are sun-chokes, or Jerusalem artichokes.  They are best ( in my opinion ) lightly sauteed.  They have kind of a nutty flavor but look like a potato.  I like them cooked with fried potatoes actually.  They have around 26 carbs per cup  which is less than potatoes and they have a higher nutritional value than a potato as well.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Last Day for Free Download on Kindle

Pink Peonies

My first love is painting, no wait, it is gardening, no, foraging..... Well it all gets you outside and in nature.  This is a little painting I did in the summer.  I have a small window of opportunity when the peonies are in bloom to paint as many paintings of them as I can.  This one has peonies and primroses from my garden.  The peonies were transplanted several times starting with plants from my husband's great grandmother's garden.  The primroses, from an old neighbor's garden in our last home 25 years ago.  

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Here is one more try.  It is missing a paragraph of my dedication but everything else looks Aok.  Free Kindle download today and tomorrow.  Feel free to share with your friends.  This time it includes the missing recipe/scrapbook pages.  My fingers are crossed that it looks ok on your end.  On my end it previews the pages on Kindle which looks small to me.  Hopefully you can pinch it out so photos are bigger and you can read the words.  Let me know if something still needs to be tweaked.  Thanks Jackie for your wonderful review and kind words.  If anyone else wants to add a good review, I would sure appreciate it.... and of course I have physical copies of the book at my house so I know they came out great  ( they pumped up the color a bit more than my original paintings but still looks fine) so feel free to order those with no worries.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Kindle Free tomorrow 1/7/15) through Sunday!

So you have an opportunity to read my book in advance of buying it for your child, I have made it available for free this week for Kindle.  On Amazon this week, Kindle sales are free, any other day Kindle sales are only $3.   I hope you read my little book, enjoy it, buy a copy and leave me a great review on Amazon.  Happy reading.