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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Harvesting Lambsquarters for winter use.

I am getting ready to harvest the rest of my wonderful Lambsquarters to use later in the winter.  The leaves can be ground up to add to soups.  The seeds make a highly nutritious food staple for multiple uses in recipes. They can be harvested in the fall and ground into cereal or used as flour for bread. Similar to quinoa, lambsquarter seeds can be easily sprouted in one to two days. Add the sprouts to any meal to benefit from the rich nutrients.  Lambsquarter seeds also make great microgreens. They start out small and frail looking but given time grow into healthy plants with delicious flavor. My wild harvesting friends say to wait till the seeds turn a purplish color and sure enough I have one plant whose seeds have just turned a purplish red color so I will dry them now.

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